Writing from the ground up

I have lived nearly all of my life in rural communities, on four continents. Every place is different, but what all these places have in common is a certain groundedness, a meeting of words with trees, a reflection of ideas in water, a practical question to be asked of every theory: what is this for? What will it do?

In Australia, where there are trees, we call it the bush. This is where I live, a long way from concrete and streetlights. I live here by choice and by passion, in a stone house on fifteen acres, on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

This blog is for people who care about rural communities and their futures. I’ll share some of my experiences over the last twenty years studying ‘regional and rural development’ as a university researcher and professor, and living and working in rural communities. I’m happy to field topics, respond to questions, and put you in touch with resources where I can.

Published by The Bush Prof

Professor Robyn Eversole is a practical regional development academic based in rural Tasmania.

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