Welcome! – About the Bush Prof

I live, write and explore in beautiful North West Tasmania and the Susquehanna River Valley of Central Pennsylvania.

I am passionate about life in rural regions and the knowledge and creativity of rural communities. As Professor Robyn Eversole, I have been connecting universities with rural regions for over twenty years.

In 2020, I set up Bush Prof to provide advice and resources for communities, organisations and policy makers who are working for sustainable development and prosperous futures in rural regions. I run workshops, consult, speak and design bespoke training to help your organisation create effective social change.

Why Bush Prof?

Bush Prof started in Australia. The “bush” in Australia is anywhere that is rural. “Prof” is a professor; Australians like to shorten words (“profs” work at “unis”). In Australia, most professors live and work in the cities. As the Bush Prof, I am a professor who lives and works on the ground with rural communities.

Professor Robyn Eversole

Professor Robyn Eversole has over twenty years’ experience as a university researcher and professor working in and with rural communities and organisations. She holds a PhD in the anthropology of development from McGill University, Canada, and she previously worked at universities in Western Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania, Australia, and on research projects around Australia, Latin America and South East Asia. She is currently a professor at Bucknell University, USA.

Professor Eversole is the author of over 50 scholarly articles, as well as six books on rural regional development:

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