Ideas for Rural Regions

The message for rural regions is simple: you can change your future – or resist changes that you do not want. How? By understanding your strengths and your uniqueness, and reaching out to others for the resources you need.

Knowledge Partnering

Knowledge partnering brings local and global knowledges together to solve old problems in new ways. It’s a compelling approach for rural community development.

People-Driven Development

Places change because people act. Anthropological research reveals the social dynamics of development action and provides practical tips for more people-centred development policy and practice.

Knowing Your Strengths

Many effective development methods start with local communities and regions understanding and building on the strengths they already have. Check out Asset-Based Community Development and Economic Gardening.

Thinking Beyond Growth

Development doesn’t necessarily mean growth – there are many ways to create value and sustain communities and livelihoods. For instance, check out research and practice in Community Economics and Wellbeing Economics.

More Resources for Rural Regional Development

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