Grassroots development, digging deeper: Teacups, tangles, other people’s stuff

Community members will, inevitably, have different ideas about what positive change looks like: a new industry, or a new school; a road to bring the city closer, or a morning tea to bring the community together.

Secrets to success #4: Bring knowledges together

When rural organisations and rural communities connect with each other, they gain confidence and influence. They learn from each other. Rural people’s knowledge becomes easier to explain, easier to action – and much harder to ignore.

Secrets to success #2: Add all kinds of value

Successful rural economic ventures…tend to do something more than just move their product a bit further down the chain. Rather, they generate value in a way that makes their product or service special, so that it can’t be easily duplicated somewhere else.

Secrets to success, from problems to solutions

While rural regions are all different, they also share some common characteristics. Naming these up, noticing the patterns, can help us to understand the dynamics of rural economies.